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SR-Podolactone D, a New Sulfoxide-Containing Norditerpene Dilactone from Podocarpus macrophyllus var. maki

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posted on 2003-01-01, 00:00 authored by Hyun-Sun Park, Yoshinao Takahashi, Haruhiko Fukaya, Yutaka Aoyagi, Koichi Takeya
SR-Podolactone D (1), a new norditerpene dilactone having a methylsulfoxide moiety, was isolated from the leaves of Podocarpus macrophyllus D. Don var. maki Endl. along with known podolactone D (2, SS-podolactone D). The structures and absolute configurations of compounds 1 and 2 were elucidated by spectral methods (HREIMS, IR, 1H, 13C, and 2D NMR) and finally confirmed by single-crystal X-ray analyses. The cytotoxic effects of compounds 1 and 2 on P388 murine leukemia cells were also examined.