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S‑Aroylthiooximes: A Facile Route to Hydrogen Sulfide Releasing Compounds with Structure-Dependent Release Kinetics

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posted on 21.03.2014, 00:00 by Jeffrey C. Foster, Chadwick R. Powell, Scott C. Radzinski, John B. Matson
We report the facile preparation of a family of S-aroylthiooxime (SATO) H2S donors, which are synthesized via a click reaction analogous to oxime formation between S-aroylthio­hydroxyl­amines (SATHAs) and aldehydes or ketones. Analysis of cysteine-triggered H2S release revealed structure-dependent release kinetics with half-lives from 8–82 min by substitution of the SATHA ring. The pseudo-first-order rate constants of substituted SATOs fit standard linear free energy relationships (ρ = 1.05), demonstrating a significant sensitivity to electronic effects.