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In Vivo Real-Time Simultaneous Examination of Drug Kinetics at Two Separate Locations Using Boron-Doped Diamond Microelectrodes

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posted on 27.08.2020, 15:37 authored by Ai Hanawa, Genki Ogata, Seishiro Sawamura, Kai Asai, Sho Kanzaki, Hiroshi Hibino, Yasuaki Einaga
Methylcobalamin, which is used for the clinical treatment of patients with neuropathy, can have an impact on the sensorineural components associated with the cochlea, and it is possible that the auditory threshold in a certain population of patients with deafness may be recovered. Nonetheless, it remains uncertain whether the action site of methylcobalamin is localized inside or outside the cochlea and which cellular or tissue element is targeted by the drug. In the present work, we developed a method to realize in vivo real-time simultaneous examination of the drug kinetics in two separate locations using boron-doped diamond microelectrodes. First, the analytical performance of methylcobalamin was studied and the measurement protocol was optimized in vitro. Then, the optimized protocol was applied to carry out real-time measurements inside the cochlea and the leg muscle in live guinea pigs while systemically administering methylcobalamin. The results showed that the methylcobalamin concentration in the cochlea was below the limit of detection for the microelectrodes or the drug did not reach the cochlea, whereas the compound clearly reached the leg muscle.