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Daphniphyllum and Diterpenoid Alkaloids from Daphniphyllum longeracemosum

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posted on 25.07.2008, 00:00 by Chun-Shun Li, Ying-Tong Di, Shu-Zhen Mu, Hong-Ping He, Qiang Zhang, Xin Fang, Yu Zhang, Shun-Lin Li, Yang Lu, Yan-Qing Gong, Xiao-Jiang Hao
Four new Daphniphyllum alkaloids, daphlongamines A−D (14), were isolated from the fruits of Daphniphyllum longeracemosum. Their structures were characterized by spectroscopic methods, especially 2D NMR techniques. A single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis was used to confirm the stereochemistry of 3. Remarkably, this is the first report of aconitine- and veatchine-type diterpenoid alkaloids from the genus Daphniphyllum.