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α-Sulfanyl and α-Selanyl Propadienyl Cations: Regioselective Generations and Cycloadditions with Thioamides and Selemides Controlled by MeNO2−H2O System

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posted on 02.07.2009, 00:00 by Mitsuhiro Yoshimatsu, Teruhisa Yamamoto, Arisa Sawa, Tomohiro Kato, Genzoh Tanabe, Osamu Muraoka
α-Sulfanyl and α-selanyl propadienyl cations were easily generated by the catalytic system, scandium triflate-nitromethane-H2O in the presence of Bu4NHSO4, to regioselectively afford the multifunctionalized thiazoles and selenazoles in high yields.