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π‑Extended Tetraphenylethylene Containing a Dicyanovinyl Group as an Ideal Fluorescence Turn-On and Naked-Eye Color Change Probe for Hydrazine Detection

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posted on 2020-10-21, 19:17 authored by Min Joo Jung, Su Jung Kim, Min Hee Lee
A π-extended tetraphenylethylene derivative 1 was developed as a fluorescent “turn-on” and “naked-eye” color change probe for hydrazine detection. Probe 1 was composed of the representative AIE luminogen (AIEgen), tetraphenylethylene, and a dicyanovinyl group was adopted for hydrazine recognition. Upon exposure of hydrazine, probe 1 immediately gave a significant aggregation-induced emission around 575 nm and excellent photostability. A naked-eye color change was also observed from red to yellow. Moreover, probe 1 was simply coated with a glass-backed silica gel-coated thin-layer chromatography plate, showing rapid and on-site detection of hydrazine vapor.