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α‑Carbamoylsulfides as N‑Carbamoylimine Precursors in the Visible Light Photoredox-Catalyzed Synthesis of α,α-Disubstituted Amines

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journal contribution
posted on 07.03.2016, 18:21 by Clément Lebée, Morgan Languet, Clémence Allain, Géraldine Masson
A general and practical photoredox-promoted addition of nucleophiles to N-acylimines generated in situ from α-amidosulfides using Ru­(bpy)3(PF6)2 as the photocatalyst is reported. The broad scope of the reaction toward various nucleophiles and amidosulfide derivatives was explored. This novel protocol provides a rapid, mild, and efficient access to valuable α,α-disubstituted amines in respectable yields.