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α‑C–H Bond Functionalization of Unprotected Alicyclic Amines: Lewis-Acid-Promoted Addition of Enolates to Transient Imines

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posted on 19.01.2021, 13:43 by Jae Hyun Kim, Anirudra Paul, Ion Ghiviriga, Daniel Seidel
Enolizable cyclic imines, obtained in situ from their corresponding lithium amides by oxidation with simple ketone oxidants, are readily alkylated with a range of enolates to provide mono- and polycyclic β-aminoketones in a single operation, including the natural product (±)-myrtine. Nitrile anions also serve as competent nucleophiles in these transformations, which are promoted by BF3 etherate. β-Aminoesters derived from ester enolates can be converted to the corresponding β-lactams.