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ZnO Microstructures as Flame-Retardant Coatings on Cotton Fabrics

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posted on 12.06.2018, 17:56 by Yi-Wei Wang, Ruiqing Shen, Qingsheng Wang, Yolanda Vasquez
In this study, we report a unique strategy that utilizes ZnO and ZnS microparticles and rods as fire-retardant materials when coated onto cotton fabrics. ZnO and ZnO/ZnS microparticles or rods were grown or adsorbed to the surface of cotton fibers. Properties such as heat release rate, total smoke release, and mass loss rate of the materials were tested using a cone calorimeter. ZnO and ZnO/ZnS rods were able to reduce the heat release rate and total smoke release from 118 kW/m2 and 18.3 m2/m2 to about 70.0 kW/m2 and 6.00 m2/m2, respectively. The maximum average rate of heat emission and fire growth rate index, which is used to evaluate the fire spread rate, the size of the fire, and the propensity of fire development, were improved with these coatings and indicate that there are potential applications of these materials as fire retardants.