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Zinc Pyromellitate Coordination Polymers with Bis(pyridylmethyl)piperazine Tethers: A Rare Binodal Network and a New Simple Self-Penetrated Topology

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posted on 2011-04-06, 00:00 authored by Karyn M. Blake, Jacqueline S. Lucas, Robert L. LaDuca
Hydrothermal reaction of zinc nitrate, pyromellitic acid (H4pyro), and isomeric bis(pyridylmethyl)piperazines has afforded a pair of three-dimensional (3D) coordination polymers with intriguing 3D topologies. {[Zn2(Hpyro)2(H2O)2(H2-3-bpmp)]·H2O}n [1, 3-bpmp = bis(3-pyridylmethyl)piperazine] exhibits octahedral coordination at zinc and possesses a rare 4,5-connected binodal net with (4462)(4466) tcs topology. {[Zn2(Hpyro)2(H2-4-bpmp)]·4H2O}n [2, 4-bpmp = bis(4-pyridylmethyl)piperazine] has tetrahedral coordination at zinc and an unprecedented yet very simple 3,4-connected binodal (4.82)(4.82103) self-penetrated topology. Pyridyl nitrogen donor disposition and coordination geometry preference play a large role in structure-direction in this system. Complexes 1 and 2 undergo blue-violet light emission on excitation with ultraviolet light.