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Zero-Bias Operation of CVD Graphene Photodetector with Asymmetric Metal Contacts

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posted on 04.12.2017, 00:00 by Tae Jin Yoo, Yun Ji Kim, Sang Kyung Lee, Chang Goo Kang, Kyoung Eun Chang, Hyeon Jun Hwang, Nikam Revannath, Byoung Hun Lee
The responsivity of a graphene photodetector was substantially enhanced by modulating the potential gradient in a chemical vapor deposition-grown graphene channel using asymmetric metal contacts such as Ti, Pd, and Au for the source and drain. The photoresponsivity of a graphene photodetector with an asymmetric Au–Ti contact combination increased to 52 mA/W at an illumination power density of 0.25 μW/cm2; this photoresponsivity is ∼63 times higher than that of a graphene photodetector having a symmetric Au–Au contact combination (0.82 mA/W).