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Yeast Chemogenomic Profiling Reveals Iron Chelation To Be the Principle Cell Inhibitory Mode of Action of Gossypol

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posted on 17.07.2018, 00:00 by Thomas A. K. Prescott, Tiphaine Jaeg, Dominic Hoepfner
Gossypol is an inhibitor of eukaryotic cells with an undetermined mode of action. Here we show that the chemogenomic profile of gossypol is strikingly similar to that of the iron chelators deferasirox and desferricoprogen. Iron import channels Fet1 and Fet3 are prominent in all three profiles. Furthermore, yeast inhibited by gossypol and deferasirox is rescued by the addition of Fe2+. We propose that Fe2+ chelation is in fact the principle mode of action of gossypol.