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Y‑Doped Sb2Te3 Phase-Change Materials: Toward a Universal Memory

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posted on 2020-04-23, 15:42 authored by Bin Liu, Wanliang Liu, Zhen Li, Kaiqi Li, Liangcai Wu, Jian Zhou, Zhitang Song, Zhimei Sun
The disadvantages of high power consumption and slow operating speed hinder the application of phase-change materials (PCMs) for a universal memory. In this work, based on a rigorous experimental scheme, we synthesized a series of YxSb2–xTe3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.333) PCMs and demonstrated that Y0.25Sb1.75Te3 (YST) is an excellent candidate material for the universal phase-change memory. This YST PCM, even being integrated into a conventional T-shaped device, exhibits an ultralow reset power consumption of 1.3 pJ and a competitive fast set speed of 6 ns. The ultralow power consumption is attributed to the Y-reduced thermal and electrical conductivity, while the maintained crystal structure of Sb2Te3 and the grain refinement provide the competitive fast crystallization speed. This work highlights a novel way to obtain new PCMs with lower power consumption and competitive fast speed toward a universal memory.