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Widening the Scope of Structural Correlations by Means of the van der Waals Crust Penetration Indices: The Dimerization of Groups 11 and 12 L–M–X Halo Complexes

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posted on 2024-05-09, 07:44 authored by Jorge Echeverría, Santiago Alvarez
We present in this paper the application of the recently proposed interpenetration indices of the van der Waals crusts to the study of incipient bonds between metal atoms of groups 11 or 12 with halide atoms. To that end, we have carried out a structural database analysis of three-coordinate complexes with a metal halide (M–X) bond and of two-coordinate complexes with a secondary M···X interaction, including the path of formation of LM(μ-X)2ML dimers. The structural data for 18 combinations of metal and halide can be represented by a unique path that correlates the L–M–X (or M···X) bond angle with the M–X (or M···X) penetration index.