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Why All the Fuss about Oxidative Phosphorylation (OXPHOS)?

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journal contribution
posted on 26.10.2020, 12:07 by Yibin Xu, Ding Xue, Armand Bankhead, Nouri Neamati
Certain subtypes of cancer cells require oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) to survive. Increased OXPHOS dependency is frequently a hallmark of cancer stem cells and cells resistant to chemotherapy and targeted therapies. Suppressing the OXPHOS function might also influence the tumor microenvironment by alleviating hypoxia and improving the antitumor immune response. Thus, targeting OXPHOS is a promising strategy to treat various cancers. A growing arsenal of therapeutic agents is under development to inhibit this biological process. This Perspective provides an overview of the structure and function of OXPHOS complexes, their biological functions in cancer, relevant research tools and models, as well as the limitations of OXPHOS as drug targets. We also focus on the current development status of OXPHOS inhibitors and potential therapeutic strategies to strengthen their clinical applications.