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Wearable Wire-Shaped Symmetric Supercapacitors Based on Activated Carbon-Coated Graphite Fibers

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posted on 13.09.2018, 00:00 authored by Chan Wang, Kuan Hu, Wenjian Li, Huaying Wang, Hu Li, Yang Zou, Chaochao Zhao, Zhe Li, Min Yu, Puchuan Tan, Zhou Li
With the advantages of being lightweight, flexible, and wearable, wire-shaped supercapacitors have received tremendous attention in wearable and portable power sources in recent years. Considering the demands for large-scale applications, it is necessary to explore a facile and convenient preparation approach for wire-shaped supercapacitors. Herein, we reported a simple approach to fabricate wire-shaped electrodes by a dipping method, which possessed a nitric acid-activated graphite fiber core and an activated carbon-coating layer structure. Parallel and symmetric all-solid-state wire-shaped supercapacitors (PWSCs) based on the electrodes were fabricated. The as-fabricated PWSC showed high energy density (6.60 W h/kg, 8.08 mW h/cm, and 1 mV/s) and power density (253 mW/kg, 0.31 mW/cm, and 100 mV/s) and excellent flexibility. Furthermore, this wire-shaped supercapacitor may bring broader application prospects for energy storage devices in future wearable electronic areas.