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Wavepacket Dynamics of the Axially Chiral Molecule Cl–O–O–Cl under Coherent Radiative Excitation and Including Electroweak Parity Violation

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posted on 24.12.2015, 00:00 by Robert Prentner, Martin Quack, Jürgen Stohner, Martin Willeke
We report detailed calculations of the quantum wavepacket dynamics of Cl–O–O–Cl, which serves as a prototype molecule for the stereomutation dynamics of an axially chiral molecule. We include the effects both from electroweak parity violation and from the interaction with a coherent monochromatic laser field. We use the quasiadiabatic channel reaction path Hamiltonian approach to approximately solve the six-dimensional Schrödinger equation describing the vibrational motion, including rotation by an effective Hamiltonian. We calculate time-dependent wave functions based on the time-dependent Schrödinger equation. We study stereomutation dynamics due to tunneling motion and laser-induced population transfer and show results on efficient methods for selectively populating single molecular states in chiral molecules by frequency-modulated laser pulses. We also discuss laser-induced stereomutation (LISM) and a process that may be called resonance Raman induced stereomutation (RRISM). The results are discussed in relation to current experimental attempts to measure the parity violating energy difference ΔpvE between the enantiomers of chiral molecules. Furthermore, we show detailed quantitative simulations of a selection of well-defined parity levels in chiral molecules (“parity isomers”) that form the basis of a possible measurement of ΔpvE by the time evolution of parity.