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Water Collective Dynamics in Whole Photosynthetic Green Algae as Affected by Protein Single Mutation

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posted on 14.06.2016, 00:00 by Daniela Russo, Giuseppina Rea, Maya D. Lambreva, Michael Haertlein, Martine Moulin, Alessio De Francesco, Gaetano Campi
In the context of the importance of water molecules for protein function/dynamics relationship, the role of water collective dynamics in Chlamydomonas green algae carrying both native and mutated photosynthetic proteins has been investigated by neutron Brillouin scattering spectroscopy. Results show that single point genetic mutation may notably affect collective density fluctuations in hydrating water providing important insight on the transmission of information possibly correlated to biological functionality. In particular, we highlight that the damping factor of the excitations is larger in the native compared to the mutant algae as a signature of a different plasticity and structure of the hydrogen bond network.