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W(CO)5(L)-Catalyzed Tandem Intramolecular Cyclopropanation/Cope Rearrangement for the Stereoselective Construction of Bicyclo[5.3.0]decane Framework

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posted on 27.12.2006, 00:00 by Hiroyuki Kusama, Yuji Onizawa, Nobuharu Iwasawa
Utilizing the biscarbene character of electrophilically activated alkynes, a novel tandem intramolecular cyclopropanation/Cope rearrangement of 3-siloxy-1,3,9-trien-7-ynes catalyzed by W(CO)5(L) for the stereoselective construction of bicyclo[5.3.0]decane framework is achieved. When 3-siloxy-1,3,9-trien-7-ynes were treated with a catalytic amount of W(CO)6 under photoirradiation, bicyclo[5.3.0]decanes were obtained in good yield stereoselectively. In this reaction, the Cope rearrangement of the divinylcyclopropane intermediates, generated by the intramolecular cyclopropanation of 3-siloxy-1,3,9-trien-7-ynes based on the W(CO)5(L)-catalyzed electrophilic activation of alkynes, occurs to give synthetically useful functionalized bicyclo[5.3.0]decane derivatives stereoselectively.