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Volcano-Shaped Scanning Probe Microscopy Probe for Combined Force-Electrogram Recordings from Excitable Cells

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posted on 2020-05-27, 13:36 authored by B. X. E. Desbiolles, M. T. M Hannebelle, E. de Coulon, A. Bertsch, S. Rohr, G. E. Fantner, P. Renaud
Atomic force microscopy based approaches have led to remarkable advances in the field of mechanobiology. However, linking the mechanical cues to biological responses requires complementary techniques capable of recording these physiological characteristics. In this study, we present an instrument for combined optical, force, and electrical measurements based on a novel type of scanning probe microscopy cantilever composed of a protruding volcano-shaped nanopatterned microelectrode (nanovolcano probe) at the tip of a suspended microcantilever. This probe enables simultaneous force and electrical recordings from single cells. Successful impedance measurements on mechanically stimulated neonatal rat cardiomyocytes in situ were achieved using these nanovolcano probes. Furthermore, proof of concept experiments demonstrated that extracellular field potentials (electrogram) together with contraction displacement curves could simultaneously be recorded. These features render the nanovolcano probe especially suited for mechanobiological studies aiming at linking mechanical stimuli to electrophysiological responses of single cells.