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Visualization of Self-Assembly and Hydration of a β‑Hairpin through Integrated Small and Wide-Angle Neutron Scattering

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posted on 2023-10-24, 20:00 authored by Harrison Laurent, Matt D. G. Hughes, Martin Walko, David J. Brockwell, Najet Mahmoudi, Tristan G. A. Youngs, Thomas F. Headen, Lorna Dougan
Fundamental understanding of the structure and assembly of nanoscale building blocks is crucial for the development of novel biomaterials with defined architectures and function. However, accessing self-consistent structural information across multiple length scales is challenging. This limits opportunities to exploit atomic scale interactions to achieve emergent macroscale properties. In this work we present an integrative small- and wide-angle neutron scattering approach coupled with computational modeling to reveal the multiscale structure of hierarchically self-assembled β hairpins in aqueous solution across 4 orders of magnitude in length scale from 0.1 Å to 300 nm. Our results demonstrate the power of this self-consistent cross-length scale approach and allows us to model both the large-scale self-assembly and small-scale hairpin hydration of the model β hairpin CLN025. Using this combination of techniques, we map the hydrophobic/hydrophilic character of this model self-assembled biomolecular surface with atomic resolution. These results have important implications for the multiscale investigation of aqueous peptides and proteins, for the prediction of ligand binding and molecular associations for drug design, and for understanding the self-assembly of peptides and proteins for functional biomaterials.