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Visualization of Crystallographic Orientation and Twist Angles in Two-Dimensional Crystals with an Optical Microscope

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posted on 09.07.2020, 14:41 by Xueping Cui, Lulu Sun, Yan Zeng, Yang Hao, Yanpeng Liu, Dong Wang, Yuanping Yi, Kian Ping Loh, Jian Zheng, Yunqi Liu
Recently, twisted two-dimensional (2D) bilayers have attracted intense interest due to the emergence of exotic physics in moiré superlattices arising from strong interactions between electrons in the two misaligned lattices. Accurate determination and control of crystallographic orientation is vital to construct twisted 2D bilayers. Here, we demonstrate a very simple method to visualize crystallographic orientation in various 2D crystals by directly imaging n-tritriacontane crystallites epitaxially grown on 2D crystals using an ordinary optical microscope. The specific orientation of the molecular assembly allows the lattice orientation of the underlying 2D crystals to be determined with a high precision using an optical microscope. When tested on a 2D bilayer comprising staggered stacked MoS2 crystals, the twist angle can also be determined accurately. Our findings offer a nondestructive method for determining the lattice structure of 2D crystals and their bilayers and can also be a metrology tool for establishing large-area surface crystalline order.