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Visible-Light Photoredox Catalysis: Dehalogenation of Vicinal Dibromo-, α-Halo-, and α,α-Dibromocarbonyl Compounds

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posted on 2011-01-21, 00:00 authored by Tapan Maji, Ananta Karmakar, Oliver Reiser
vic-Dibromo-, α-halo-, or α,α-dibromocarbonyl compounds can be efficiently dehalogenated using catalytic tris(2,2′-bipyridyl)ruthenium dichloride (Ru(bpy)3Cl2) in combination with 1,5-dimethoxynaphthalene (DMN) and ascorbate as sacrificial electron donor. For this process, a visible light promoted photocatalytic cycle is proposed that involves the reduction of carbon halogen bonds via free radical intermediates.