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Visible-Light-Induced Living Radical Polymerization (LRP) Mediated by (salen)Co(II)/TPO at Ambient Temperature

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posted on 11.08.2015, 00:00 by Yaguang Zhao, Shuailin Zhang, Zhenqiang Wu, Xu Liu, Xianyuan Zhao, Chi-How Peng, Xuefeng Fu
Visible-light-induced living radical polymerization of acrylates (MA, nBA, tBA), acrylamides (DMA, AMO), and vinyl acetate (VAc) at ambient temperature mediated by (salen)­Co­(II)/TPO was described. Effects of light intensity, feeding ratio of monomer and equivalent of TPO for the polymerization of MA were investigated. Well-defined homopolymers and block polymers with predetermined molecular weight and narrow polydispersity were obtained under mild conditions. The mechanism of the polymerization was proposed based on polymerization behavior and polymer structure analysis. The (salen)­Co­(II)/TPO system was suitable for both conjugated and unconjugated monomers under mild conditions.