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Visible-Light-Induced C(sp3)–H Oxidative Arylation with Heteroarenes

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posted on 12.03.2019, 12:03 by Xing-An Liang, Linbin Niu, Shengchun Wang, Jiamei Liu, Aiwen Lei
Considering the ubiquitous C­(sp3)–H and the important value of alkylated heteroarenes, developing a universal method for C­(sp3)–H arylation with heteroarenes is significant. Herein, we proposed a method where Selectfluor can promote the oxidative C­(sp3)–H arylation with heteroarenes without external photocatalysis under visible-light irradiation. By EPR study, the N–F activation of Selectfluor by blue LED irradiation can generate the N radical cation, which is the key step for this conversion.