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Visible-Light-Driven Copper-Catalyzed C(sp3)–O Cross-Coupling of Benzylic Radicals with Phenols

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posted on 11.03.2020, 12:16 by Xiao-Ye Yu, Jun Chen, Hong-Wei Chen, Wen-Jing Xiao, Jia-Rong Chen
A visible-light-driven, copper-catalyzed C­(sp3)–O coupling of benzylic radicals with phenols is described for the first time. This operationally simple and robust process features mild conditions, broad scope, and high functional-group tolerance, enabling the construction of a diverse range of cyanoalkylated aryl ethers (33 examples). Key to this protocol is the dual role of copper salt that acts not only as a photosensitizer but also as a cross-coupling catalyst.