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Virtual Hydrocarbon and Combinatorial Databases for Use with CAVEAT

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posted on 2005-11-28, 00:00 authored by Yongliang Yang, Dmitri V. Nesterenko, Ryan P. Trump, Ken Yamaguchi, Paul A. Bartlett, Dale G. Drueckhammer
Three new virtual databases have been developed for use with the bond-orientation-based database searching program CAVEAT. These consist of a database of trisubstituted monocyclic hydrocarbons having ethyl, vinyl, and phenyl substituents; a database of unsubstituted bicyclic hydrocarbons; and a database of core structures from established combinatorial synthetic methods having hydrogen, ethyl, vinyl, and phenyl substituents at the readily varied positions. Each collection of molecules was subjected to a batch conformational search, minimization, and conversion to a vector database for use with CAVEAT.