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Vibrational States and Nitrile Lifetimes of Cyanophenylalanine Isotopomers in Solution

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posted on 09.08.2018, 00:00 by Hari Datt Pandey, David M. Leitner
Nitrile lifetimes and the structure of the vibrational state space of four isotopomers of cyanophenylalanine in solution are calculated. While the frequency of the nitrile of the four isotopomers decreases in the order 12C14N, 12C15N, 13C14N, and 13C15N, the lifetime varies nonmonotonically with the change in frequency. The vibrational properties of the molecules that control the lifetime are examined. The specific resonances that contribute to the lifetime are tuned by isotopic substitution, and the magnitudes of the anharmonic constants involved in the coupling of vibrations that mediate the lifetime of the nitrile vary with CN mass. The nature of the modes coupled to the nitrile varies, as the frequency of the nitrile changes with isotopic substitution. For some CN frequencies the modes coupled to the CN are rather localized to the ring, while at other frequencies the modes coupled to the CN are more delocalized. Comparison of the calculated frequencies and lifetimes with recent experimental measurements on these molecules is discussed.