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Vibrational Relaxation in EDTA Is Ion-Dependent

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posted on 19.07.2018, 00:00 by Sean C. Edington, Carlos R. Baiz
Ion binding by carboxylate groups is common in biomolecules such as metalloproteins, but dynamical aspects of ion binding are not fully understood. We present ultrafast spectroscopic measurements of vibrational relaxation in the ion-coordinating carboxylate groups of EDTA, which we use as a model of carboxylate-mediated ion binding, as EDTA binds a series of divalent and trivalent metal ions with high affinity. The measurements are interpreted using a Redfield-based anharmonic model of vibrational relaxation that rationalizes trends in vibrational lifetimes in terms of vibrational energy transfer between EDTA’s asymmetric carboxylate stretching vibrational modes and lower-lying modes. Results show ion-dependent changes in complex structure and dynamics well outside the temporal and spatial resolution of common structural methods and demonstrate how vibrational relaxation measurements may contribute to exploration of ion-binding dynamics on ultrashort length and time scales.