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Vibrational Anharmonicity and Energy Relaxation in Nanoscale Acoustic Resonators

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posted on 2023-11-20, 17:34 authored by Cameron Wright, Gregory V. Hartland
The fundamental and n = 3 overtones of Au nanoplate thickness vibrations have been studied by transient absorption microscopy. The frequencies of the n = 3 overtone are less than 3× the frequency of the fundamental. This anharmonicity is explained through a continuum mechanics model that includes organic layers on top of the nanoplate and between the nanoplate and the glass substrate. In this model, anharmonicity arises from coupling between the vibrations of the nanoplate and the organic layers, which creates avoided crossings that reduce the overtone frequencies compared to the fundamental. Comparison of the experimental and calculated quality factors shows that coupling occurs to the top organic layer. Good agreement between the measured and calculated quality factors is obtained by introducing internal damping for the nanoplate. These results show that engineering layers of soft material around metal nanostructures can be used to control the vibrational lifetimes.