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Vertically Stacked Molecular Junctions: Toward a Three-Dimensional Multifunctional Molecular Circuit

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posted on 16.12.2015, 16:51 by Elad D. Mentovich, Itsik Kalifa, Natalie Shraga, Grergory Avrushchenko, Michael Gozin, Shachar Richter
We demonstrate a new method for the construction of three-dimensional vertically stacked molecular junctions. Our approach involves the sequential formation of encapsulated metal−self-assembled monolayer−metal junctions in a three-dimensional configuration, thus forming a molecular circuit. The molecular circuit is constructed at low temperature while utilizing novel process methods in order to minimize possible damage to the molecular layers. We demonstrate this concept by introducing redox-based molecules and proteins into a two-floor molecular circuit and evaluating their electronic properties separately.We show that the electronic molecular “fingerprints” were preserved during the process, and it could be successfully adopted for different types of molecular systems.