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Versatile Cellular Uptake Mediated by Catanionic Vesicles: Simultaneous Spontaneous Membrane Fusion and Endocytosis

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posted on 05.01.2015, 00:00 by Chloé Mauroy, Pauline Castagnos, Julie Orio, Marie-Claire Blache, Isabelle Rico-Lattes, Justin Teissié, Marie-Pierre Rols, Muriel Blanzat
Lactose-derived catanionic vesicles offer unique opportunities to overcome cellular barriers. These potential nanovectors, very easy to formulate as drug delivery systems, are able to encapsulate drugs of various hydrophilicity. This article highlights versatile interaction mechanisms between these catanionic vesicles, labeled with hydrophilic and amphiphilic fluorescent probes, and a mammalian cell line, Chinese Hamster Ovary. Confocal microscopy and flow cytometry techniques show that these vesicles are internalized by cells through cellular energy dependent processes, as endocytosis, but are simultaneously able to spontaneously fuse with cell plasma membranes and release their hydrophilic content directly inside the cytosol. Such innovative and polyvalent nanovectors, able to deliver their content via different internalization pathways, would positively be a great progress for the coadministration of drugs of complementary efficiency.