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Versatile Biosensing Toolkit Using an Electronic Particle Counter

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posted on 08.04.2021, 14:33 by Zhilong Wang, Jiawei Liu, Yanlian Yang, Ping Li, Kaikai Li, Yunlei Xianyu, Yiping Chen, Bin Li
Development of a versatile biosensing toolkit is in urgent need for rapid and multiplexed detection applications. In this work, an electronic particle counter-implemented versatile biosensing toolkit has been developed for detecting a range of targets with high sensitivity, broad detection range, multiplexibility, simple operation, and low cost. The electrical resistance-based particle counter conventionally measuring the number of microspheres (1–100 μm) can quantify analytes. The versatility of this approach is verified by assaying small molecules, protein biomarkers, pathogen bacteria, and tumor cells using three strategies: (1) antigen–antibody interaction, (2) DNA hybridization, and (3) polypeptide recognition. More importantly, this biosensing toolkit allows the simultaneous detection of multiple targets with a broad detection range from pg mL–1 to μg mL–1, showing great potential as a powerful technique for food safety testing and biomedical diagnosis.