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Venturi-Electrosonic Spray Ionization Cataluminescence Sensor Array for Saccharides Detection

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posted on 2013-08-20, 00:00 authored by Jiaying Han, Feifei Han, Jin Ouyang, Quanmin Li, Na Na
In this article, a Venturi electrosonic spray ionization (V-ESSI) cataluminescence (CTL) sensor array was reported for discriminating saccharides in solution. Integrating electrosonic spray ionization (ESSI), a liquid system of Venturi self-pumping injection for the CTL reaction, was fabricated for enhancing CTL reactivity of aqueous samples. Comparing with simple Venturi injection by air and Venturi easy ambient sonic-spray ionization without electric assistance (V-EASI), the remarkable enhancement of CTL signals resulted from V-ESSI. This system showed higher cross-reactive CTL responses catalyzed by alkaline earth metal-nanomaterials than other catalysts, giving different signals for a given saccharide on different catalysts and different responses for different saccharides on the same catalyst. Then, a 4 × 2 CTL sensor array was used for obtaining “fingerprints” of distinct CTL response patterns. Analyzed by linear discriminant analysis (LDA), this V-ESSI CTL sensor array not only achieved the well discrimination of different saccharides (99.9% of total variation) but also discriminated four groups of urine sugar-level for urine samples from diabetic patients (98.1% of discrimination accuracy). It had good reproducibility and gave a linear range of 22.5–67558 μg/mL (R > 0.99) for xylose with a detection limit of 7.4 μg/mL on MgO. As a new artificial tongue, this system provided a simple, rapid, low cost, low energy consumption, and environmentally friendly pathway for aqueous sample discrimination. It has dramatically expanded applications of the CTL-based senor array and will be applicable to clinical diagnoses, environment monitoring, industrial controls, food industry, and various marine monitoring.