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Vanadium Diboride (VB2) Synthesized at High Pressure: Elastic, Mechanical, Electronic, and Magnetic Properties and Thermal Stability

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posted on 23.01.2018, 16:56 by Pei Wang, Ravhi Kumar, Esakki Muthu Sankaran, Xintong Qi, Xinyu Zhang, Dmitry Popov, Andrew L. Cornelius, Baosheng Li, Yusheng Zhao, Liping Wang
Vanadium diboride (VB2) with an AlB2-type structure has been synthesized at 8 GPa and 1700 K in a D-DIA-type multianvil apparatus. The obtained bulk modulus is B0 = 262(2) GPa with fixed B′ = 4.0 for VB2 via high-pressure X-ray diffraction measurements. Meanwhile, VB2 has also been demonstrated to possess a high Vickers hardness of 27.2 ± 1.5 GPa, a high thermal stability of 1410 K in air, among the highest for transition-metal borides, and an extremely low resistivity value (41 μΩ cm) at room temperature. Results from first-principles calculations regarding the mechanical and electronic properties of VB2 are largely consistent with the experimental observations and further suggest that VB2 possesses simultaneously the properties of a hard and refractory ceramic and those of an excellent electric conductor.