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Vacuum-Deposited Multication Tin–Lead Perovskite Solar Cells

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posted on 18.02.2020, 14:42 by Ana M. Igual-Muñoz, Aroa Castillo, Chris Dreessen, Pablo P. Boix, Henk J. Bolink
The use of a combination of tin and lead is the most promising approach to fabricate narrow bandgap metal halide perovskites. This work presents the development of reproducible tin and lead perovskites by vacuum codeposition of the precursors, a solvent-free technique which can be easily implemented to form complex stacks. Crystallographic and optical characterization reveal the optimal film composition based on cesium and methyl­ammonium monovalent cations. Device optimization makes use of the intrinsically additive nature of vacuum deposition, resulting in solar cells with 8.89% photovoltaic efficiency. The study of the devices by impedance spectroscopy identifies bulk recombination as one of the performance limiting factors.