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Unprecedented Ring Transformation of an α,α′-Monosubstituted 2,4,5-Triphenylpyrylium Salt with η3-Phosphines: Efficient Synthesis of Aryl- and Alkylphosphonium Triphenylcyclopentadienylides

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journal contribution
posted on 27.12.2010, 00:00 by Tao Xu, Wei-tao Gong, Jun-wei Ye, Yuan Lin, Gui-ling Ning
The ring transformation of the α-reactive 2,4,5-triphenylpyrylium salt 1 with η3-phosphines to the aryl- and alkylphosphonium triphenylcyclopentadienylides 5 is reported. The mechanism of this unprecedented transformation might involve tandem conjugate addition and intramolecular Wittig cyclization.