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Unprecedented Intramolecular Association-Induced Fluorescence in Tryptophan-Conjugated Peptidomimetics

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posted on 22.03.2019, 00:00 by Shreya Juneja, Hanuman Singh, Sayan Palui, Shruti Trivedi, Sharan S. Singh, V. Haridas, Siddharth Pandey
We report herewith tryptophan (Trp)-conjugated peptidomimetics that show intramolecular through-space association between the Trp units. Our investigation revealed that the proximal placement of Trp can lead to the emergence of a new and unanticipated fluorescent entity constituting a Trp–Trp dimer. Proton-induced modulation of fluorescence is a consequence of this work. Investigations with control compounds unequivocally revealed that the fluorescence property is not originated from the localized excited state but from the unprecedented Trp–Trp intramolecular dimer in the ground state itself. The present findings will initiate the biophysical scientists to have a relook at the fluorescence properties of Trp-containing proteins.