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Uniform Spin‑1/2‑Chain System with a Weak Interchain Interaction

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journal contribution
posted on 24.09.2020, 13:06 by Yaxin Xie, Wanwan Zhang, Ming Yang, Zhiying Zhao, Zhangzhen He
A new hydroxyl sulfate–fluoride compound, Lu2Cu­(SO4)2(OH)3F·H2O, was obtained using a hydrothermal method. This compound is found to crystallize in a monoclinic space group of P21/c, exhibiting a uniform chain structure along the b axis, in which the chains are composed of elongated CuO4+2 octahedra and further separated by SO4 tetrahedra and Lu3+ ions. The shortest Cu–Cu distance inside the chains is ∼3.394(1) Å, while that between neighboring chains is ∼7.878(1) Å. Magnetic and heat capacity measurements indicate that this compound does not possess long-range magnetic order until 2 K. The fitting of spin-chain models suggests a strong intrachain interaction J and a weak interchain interaction J′ with a small value of |J′/J| < 3.20(2) × 10–3, indicating that Lu2Cu­(SO4)2(OH)3F·H2O may be a nearly ideal one-dimensional spin-1/2-chain system.