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Unexpected Formation of the Novel Pentanuclear Heterodimetallic Metallamacrocycle {p-[(CO)3MoC5H4C(O)]2C6H4}Ph4Sn3S3

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posted on 2002-07-18, 00:00 authored by Liang-Fu Tang, Jian-Fang Chai, Zhi-Hong Wang, Wen-Li Jia, Ji-Tao Wang
Reaction of the dianion {p-[(CO)3MoC5H4C(O)]2C6H4}2- with PhSnCl3 yields the tetranuclear heterodimetallic complex p-[(PhCl2Sn)(CO)3MoC5H4C(O)]2C6H4 (1). Treatment of complex 1 with Na2S·9H2O in boiling ethanol results in the novel pentanuclear heterodimetallic metallamacrocyclic complex {p-[(CO)3MoC5H4C(O)]2C6H4}Ph4Sn3S3 (2), which fuses a cyclic Sn3S3 system.