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Unexpected Formation of (Dimethylaminomethylene)methylamide Complexes from the Reactions between Metal Chlorides and Lithium Dimethylamide

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posted on 2008-03-24, 00:00 authored by Xin-Hao Zhang, Shu-Jian Chen, Hu Cai, Hee-Jung Im, Tianniu Chen, Xianghua Yu, Xuetai Chen, Zhenyang Lin, Yun-Dong Wu, Zi-Ling Xue
Reactions of MCl5 (M = Nb, Ta) with LiNMe2 have been found to yield M(NMe2)42-MeNCH2NMe2) (M = Nb, 2a; Ta, 2b) containing a chelating ligand (dimethylaminomethylene)methylamide, as confirmed by NMR spectroscopy, DFT calculations, and their reactivity studies.