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Unconventional Janus Properties of Enokitake-like Gold Nanowire Films

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posted on 26.07.2018, 12:48 by Yan Wang, Shu Gong, Daniel Gómez, Yunzhi Ling, Lim Wei Yap, George P. Simon, Wenlong Cheng
We report on unconventional Janus material properties of vertically aligned gold nanowire films that conduct electricity and interact with light and water in drastically different ways on its two opposing sides. These Janus-like properties originate from enokitake-like nanowire structures, causing the nanoparticle side (“head”) to behave like bulk gold, yet the opposing nanowire side (“tail”) behaves as discontinuous nanophases. Due to this Janus film structure, its head side is hydrophilic but its tail side is hydrophobic; its head side reflects light like bulk gold, yet its tail side is a broadband superabsorber; its tail side is less conductive but with tunable resistance. More importantly, the elastomer-bonded Janus film exhibits unusual mechatronic properties when being stretched, bent, and pressed. The tail-bonded elastomeric sheet can be stretched up to ∼800% strain while remaining conductive, which is about 10-fold that of head-bonded film. In addition, it is also more sensitive to bending forces and point loads than the corresponding tail-bonded film. We further demonstrate the versatility of nanowire-based Janus films for pressure sensors using bilayer structures in three different assembly layouts.