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Ultrastrong Exciton–Photon Coupling in Broadband Solar Absorbers

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posted on 2021-10-28, 19:41 authored by Clara Bujalance, Victoria Esteso, Laura Caliò, Giulia Lavarda, Tomás Torres, Johannes Feist, Francisco José García-Vidal, Giovanni Bottari, Hernán Míguez
The recent development of organic polaritonic solar cells, in which sunlight absorbers and photon modes of a resonator are hybridized as a result of their strong coupling, has revealed the potential this interaction offers to control and enhance the performance of these devices. In this approach, the photovoltaic cell is built in such a way that it also behaves as an optical cavity supporting spectrally well-defined resonances, which match the broad absorption bands of the dyes employed. Herein we focus on the experimental and theoretical analysis of the specific spectral and angular optical absorption characteristics of a broadband light harvester, namely a subphthalocyanine, when operating in the ultrastrong coupling regime. We discuss the implications of having a broad distribution of oscillator strengths and demonstrate that rational design of the layered structure is needed to optimize both the spectral and the angular response of the sunlight harvester dye.