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Ultrasensitive Gastric Cancer Circulating Tumor Cellular CLDN18.2 RNA Detection Based on a Molecular Beacon

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posted on 14.12.2020, 14:35 by Linyang Fan, Xiaoyi Chong, Minzhi Zhao, Fei Jia, Zihua Wang, Ying Zhou, Xiao Lu, Qiongrong Huang, Ping Li, Yanlian Yang, Zhiyuan Hu, Qin Li, Xiaotian Zhang, Lin Shen
Gastric cancer (GC) is a major global cancer burden, and only HER2-targeted therapies have been approved in first line clinical therapy. CLDN18.2 has been regarded as a potential therapeutic target for gastrointestinal tumors, and global clinical trials have been in process. Hence, the precise, efficient, and noninvasive detection of CLDN18.2 expression is important for the effective application of this attractive target. A high similarity of protein sequence between CLDN18.1 and -18.2 made RNA become more suitable for the detection of CLDN18.2 expression. In this study, CLDN18.2 molecular beacon (MB) with a stem-loop hairpin structure was optimized by phosphorothioate and 2′-O-methyl for stability and efficiency. The MB could recognize CLDN18.2 RNA rapidly. Its resolution and selectivity has been verified in several model cells, demonstrating that MB can distinguish CLDN18.2 expression in several model cells. Furthermore, it was applied successfully to the circulating tumor cell (CTC) assay. The concordance in the expression of CLDN18.2 between CTCs and tissue biopsy is 100% (negative: 3 vs 3; positive: 7 vs 7), indicating that CLDN18.2 RNA detection in CTCs based on a MB will be a promising approach for searching potential patients to CLDN 18.2 targeted drug.