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Ultralow-Concentration Electrolyte for Na-Ion Batteries

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posted on 18.03.2020, 18:44 by Yuqi Li, Yang Yang, Yaxiang Lu, Quan Zhou, Xingguo Qi, Qingshi Meng, Xiaohui Rong, Liquan Chen, Yong-Sheng Hu
Owing to the smaller Stokes radius and desolvation energy of Na+ compared to those of Li+, an unusual ultralow-concentration electrolyte is proposed for Na-ion batteries to further reduce the cost and expand the working temperature range, benefiting from the low viscosity of a dilute electrolyte and the formed organic-dominated solid electrolyte interphase. The novel dilute electrolyte chemistry provides new solutions for the operation of rechargeable batteries under extreme conditions, which can accelerate the exploitation of low-cost and durable energy storage systems.