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Ultrahigh‑Q Metasurface Transparency Band Induced by Collective–Collective Coupling

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posted on 2024-01-05, 16:38 authored by Xueqian Zhao, Rixing Huang, Xiang Du, Zhenrong Zhang, Guangyuan Li
The metasurface analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) provides a chip-scale platform for achieving light delay and storage, high Q factors, and greatly enhanced optical fields. However, the literature relies on the coupling between localized and localized or localized and collective resonances, limiting the Q factor and related performance. Here, we report a novel approach for realizing collective EIT-like bands with a measured Q factor reaching 2750 in silicon metasurfaces in the near-infrared regime, exceeding the state of the art by more than 5 times. It employs the coupling between two collective resonances, the Mie electric dipole surface lattice resonance (SLR) and the out-of-plane/in-plane electric quadrupole SLR (EQ-SLR). Remarkably, the collective EIT-like resonance can have diverging Q factor and group delay due to the bound state in the continuum characteristics of the in-plane EQ-SLR. With these findings, our study opens a new route for tailoring light flow in metasurfaces.