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Ultrahigh-Resolution Total Correlation NMR Spectroscopy

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journal contribution
posted on 17.12.2015, 04:17 by Mohammadali Foroozandeh, Ralph W. Adams, Mathias Nilsson, Gareth A. Morris
Resolution and sensitivity are paramount for extracting detailed structural information using NMR spectroscopy. Recently developed “pure shift” techniques have greatly improved the resolution attainable in one- and two-dimensional NMR, but at a considerable cost in sensitivity. A newly introduced method, PSYCHE, greatly reduces this loss. It produces pure shift spectra with significantly improved sensitivity, spectral purity, and tolerance of strong coupling compared to previous methods. Here PSYCHE is applied to the TOCSY experiment. In combination with covariance processing, the result is a high-quality, high-resolution TOCSY spectrum with singlets in both dimensions: a pure chemical shift correlation map. Such spectra should greatly simplify both manual spectral analysis and automated structure elucidation.