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Ultrahigh‑Q Lead Halide Perovskite Microlasers

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posted on 2023-04-12, 14:04 authored by Haijun Tang, Yuhan Wang, Yimu Chen, Kaiyang Wang, Xianxiong He, Can Huang, Shumin Xiao, Shaohua Yu, Qinghai Song
Lead halide perovskites have been promising platforms for micro- and nanolasers. However, the fragile nature of perovskites poses an extreme challenge to engineering a cavity boundary and achieving high-quality (Q) modes, severely hindering their practical applications. Here, we combine an etchless bound state in the continuum (BIC) and a chemically synthesized single-crystalline CsPbBr3 microplate to demonstrate on-chip integrated perovskite microlasers with ultrahigh Q factors. By pattering polymer microdisks on CsPbBr3 microplates, we show that record high-Q BIC modes can be formed by destructive interference between different in-plane radiation from whispering gallery modes. Consequently, a record high Q-factor of 1.04 × 105 was achieved in our experiment. The high repeatability and high controllability of such ultrahigh Q BIC microlasers have also been experimentally confirmed. This research provides a new paradigm for perovskite nanophotonics.