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Ultrafast Photoinduced Intramolecular Charge Separation and Recombination Processes in the Oligothiophene-Substituted Benzene Dyads with an Amide Spacer

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posted on 20.10.2005, 00:00 by Yosuke Oseki, Mamoru Fujitsuka, Dae Won Cho, Akira Sugimoto, Sachiko Tojo, Tetsuro Majima
Photoinduced intramolecular charge separation (CS) and recombination (CR) processes of the tetrathiophene-substituted benzene dyads with an amide spacer (4T−PhR, R = 4-H (1), 4-CN (2), 3,4-(CN)2 (3), 4-NO2 (4), 3,5-(NO2)2 (5)) in solvents of different polarities were investigated using various fast spectroscopies. It was revealed that the CS rates depend on the ability of the acceptor and solvent polarity. Ultrafast CS with the rate of 5 × 1012 s-1 was revealed for 5 in PhCN and MeCN. The ultrafast CS can be attributed to the large electronic coupling matrix element between the donor and the acceptor despite the relative long donor−acceptor distance. The existence of the state with large electron density on the spacer between 14T*−PhR and LUMO should facilitate the CS process in the present dyad system. It was also revealed that the CR rates in these dyads were rather fast because of the enhanced superexchange interaction through the amide spacer.