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Ultra-Subwavelength Two-Dimensional Plasmonic Circuits

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posted on 2012-05-09, 00:00 authored by William F. Andress, Hosang Yoon, Kitty Y. M. Yeung, Ling Qin, Ken West, Loren Pfeiffer, Donhee Ham
We report electronics regime (GHz) two-dimensional (2D) plasmonic circuits, which locally and nonresonantly interface with electronics, and thus offer to electronics the benefits of their ultrasubwavelength confinement, with up to 440,000-fold mode-area reduction. By shaping the geometry of 2D plasmonic media 80 nm beneath an unpatterned metallic gate, plasmons are routed freely into various types of reflections and interferences, leading to a range of plasmonic circuits, e.g., plasmonic crystals and plasmonic-electromagnetic interferometers, offering new avenues for electronics.